Malaika Rousseau is an international resource mobilization and market expert. She currently serves as the Senior Strategy and Policy Analyst at Rwanda Finance Limited (‘RFL’).

Preceding her current appointment at RFL, she worked for various financial institutions both in Rwanda and in Belgium, including the Development Bank of Rwanda as the Resource Mobilization Manager, as well as Euroclear Bank and Bank of New York Mellon. She also served as a Board Member for the National Coordination Team for Engagement with the Green Climate Fund.

Passionate about Rwanda’s sustainable development, Malaika has always been driven by the aim to make an impact on society, work on global issues, and find solutions that could have a larger impact on the African continent. She holds particular interest in policy analysis and investment promotions opportunities for Rwandan SMEs.

Malaika has a Bachelor of Business and Economics from the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium, a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Clemson University in USA, and a Master of Science in Economics with a Specialization in Firms Strategies and Finance Markets, from the Catholic University of Louvain. She is also a Certified Expert in Climate and Renewable Energy Finance, from Frankfurt School, Germany.