What Rwanda is doing is developing an international financial centre with a clear proposition to investors: direct access to multiple African markets and a centralized, holding presence for investors to locate all their financial activities across Africa, within a safe, fully compliant, transparent environment underpinned by the rule of law and serviced by Rwanda’s fast-growing, high-quality financial services industry.

Under the Investment Promotion and Facilitation Law number 006/2021 dated 5 February 2021, KIFC Members have been granted tax incentives.

The common theme for KIFC incentives is that for investors to access them, they have to fulfill both minimum economic substance requirements and also demonstrate that management and control resides in Rwanda. The new positioning of Rwanda at regional and Pan African levels requires Rwanda to comply with international standards from the EU and OECD, in particular the assessments of preferential tax regimes conducted by the Forum on Harmful Tax Practices (FHTP), comprising more than 130 member jurisdictions of the Inclusive Framework.

In line with the new compliance standards on harmful tax activities, Rwanda’s new investment law has been designed with the following key principles and objectives:

For an investor to qualify for certain incentives under KIFC, they must demonstrate minimum economic substance and also show that the governance, management and control of the investment resides in Rwanda. Regarding management and control, for example, investors will need to demonstrate that:

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